The Legend of Sox McCoy

Simon ‘Sox’ McCoy is the free-spirited offspring of a long line of crazy, wildly happy, and successful McCoys. His Great Grandad, Ezra McCoy, laid claim to the family’s Appalachian land from the Hatfields (yes, those Hatfields). His Uncle, Bones McCoy, was a doctor who worked for NASA during the Apollo Space Missions in the 60’s. His cousin, Shadie McCoy, was a great athlete and ended up playing professional football. Sox is a living legacy of all of these talents and truly is the real McCoy. Much like the great Forest Gump, Sox has floated successfully through life experiencing all that this wonderful world has to offer. Uniquely to Sox, as he has always done, he has expressed his passions, hobbies, likes, and pure craziness through his outer wear and, specifically, his socks. Hey, why not, it is his nickname after all….right? What’s that…why is that his nickname you ask?

Simon McCoy was just a normal kid growing up doing what ‘normal’ kids do. He watched tv, played with his friends, did his chores, and ate his vegetables. Everything was progressing well with his childhood until Simon found himself head-over-heals for a very special young girl named Betty. Simon knew he needed to be with Betty, they were meant for each other, but no matter what he did to win her over failed; she didn’t even notice him. He was just a ‘normal’ kid and Betty was anything but ‘normal’. Simon knew of his legacy as a McCoy; he knew he had a story to tell that made him special but the question was….how? One day, while he was mending a hole in his socks he ran out of material and, desperate, ended up using a patch of a basketball (Simon loved basketball). Simon wore these to school one day and Betty said “nice socks”; she had finally noticed him! All it took was expressing himself through his socks?! Simon ran home and created more socks that reflected all of the other aspects and passions within his life on his socks. Sure enough, Betty ended up commenting on his socks. Each and every day thereafter Simon wore a statement reflecting himself to fancy the attention of the lovely Betty and soon he became known to her, and everyone for that matter, as Sox. Soon, he married Betty and they have created a wonderful life for themselves and their 3 children. It’s a marriage full of, um, sox….

Sox continued on the tradition, to this day, making ‘his’ socks for everyone to share. He has literally created hundreds of different styles of socks representing all aspects of his life. By displaying his passions and wearing his heart on his ‘socks’ he succeeded in winning the girl of his dreams. If it worked for him why wouldn’t it work for everyone? Why not let your freak flag (socks) fly. Whether you like camping, sports, boating, sleeping, eating, dancing…whatever….there are socks that represent you! It’s what Sox likes to refer to as your “Sockonality”…..pretty cool, huh? Wear these socks. It worked for Sox and it can work for you! Be who you truly are and let the world know it…..Sock on!